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Auburn Coach Gus Malzahn Says Tigers "Should Have Hung 60" On Alabama In 2014

Auburn fell to rival Alabama 55-44 in last season's Iron Bowl, squandering a 12-pound second half lead in the process. 

As the 2015 season approaches, it's clear Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn still harbors some bitterness for how the game played out. He may have fired the team's defensive coordinator, Ellis Johnson, following the loss, but recently laid much of the blame on the Tigers' offense in an article with ESPN's Chris Low. 

"We didn't score touchdowns in the red zone. We should have put 60 on them, and we didn't," Malzahn said. "That was the most disappointing thing, when you have a chance to do something special and don't, and then we gave up all those fourth-quarter points.

"We let them off the hook, but we've got them at home this year."

You think this quote will make it to the locker room in Tuscaloosa? 

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