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Avery Johnson's Son Goes After Doug Gottlieb For Criticizing His Father

This past weekend, former NBA star Avery Johnson, who also coached both the Dallas Mavericks and the Brooklyn Nets after his playing days, was hired by the University of Alabama to become its next men's basketball coach. While details of Johnson's contract haven't officially been released, he's rumored to be making somewhere between $3 million and $4 million per year. That apparently irks CBS college basketball analyst Doug Gottlieb, who doesn't think the school made an intelligent decision.

">April 5, 2015

Gottlieb's opinion, however, seems to have struck a nerve with Johnson's son, Avery Johnson Jr., who plays for Texas A&M. The freshman point guard defended his father and took a shot at Gottlieb, suggesting that his entire job is "hating" on Twitter.

">@GottliebShow is all you do is hate on Twitter bruh

— Avery Johnson Jr (@itsaveryjohnson)

@GottliebShow is all you do is hate on Twitter bruh

— Avery Johnson Jr (@itsaveryjohnson) April 6, 2015

">April 6, 2015

Johnson Jr. isn't the first person to take exception to Gottlieb's Twitter activity, though to be fair, Gottlieb isn't the only person questioning the hiring of Avery Johnson.