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ESPN's Booger McFarland Ranks His Top Four Coaches In The SEC

Booger McFarland walks across the field.

PHILADELPHIA, PA - DECEMBER 03: ESPN commentator Booger McFarland walks off the field prior to the game between the Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field on December 3, 2018 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

The Southeastern Conference isn't just considered the premier conference for top talent, it's also the home of some of the best coaches in college football. With the 2020 season still a few months away, ESPN analyst Booger McFarland ranked the top coaches in the SEC.

McFarland appeared on The Paul Finebaum Show to rank the best coaches in the conference that both ESPN talents love very dearly. As you'd expect the top coach on the list was Nick Saban.

Saban has been the gold standard when it comes to coaching at the collegiate level. He always has Alabama competing for a national championship despite the fact that he loses assistant coaches and players on a yearly basis.

The rest of McFarland's list is quite fascinating. Although he's a former LSU Tiger, he did not rank Ed Orgeron as the second-best coach in the SEC.

Here's how McFarland ranked the top four coaches in the SEC, via Saturday Down South:

“I think if I had to rank the top four right now,” McFarland said on the show, “I would go Saban, and in some order, you can sway me in this order — it would be Saban, it would be Kirby, it would Ed and it will be Dan Mullen, and I think there’s a line of delineation right there and then there’s a second-tier.”

Notable omissions from McFarland's list includes Gus Malzahn and Jimbo Fisher.

It's tough to argue with the four coaches that McFarland chose. Saban is always on top of his game, Coach O just won a national title, Smart is an excellent recruiter and defensive mind, and Mullen has done a solid job making the Gators a contender once again.

How would you rank the top coaches in the SEC?