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Cam Robinson On Christian Wilkins Grabbing Ohio State Player: "They Better Not Try Me Like That"

Alabama star offensive tackle Cam Robinson was not impressed with Clemson's Christian Wilkins' antics during the Fiesta Bowl.

During the game, a Clemson blowout of Ohio State, Wilkins bizarrely dug into the private region of Ohio State back Curtis Samuel after a tackle.

In case you've missed it:

Wilkins' teammate Ben Boulware, a standout linebacker for Clemson who has gotten into his own controversy for extra-curricular activities in the pile after tackles, defended it, saying that people who criticized Wilkins "have never played football, or... sucked at football and had no friends in the locker room."

Robinson, a potential 2017 first round pick, isn't having it though. He was asked about Wilkins'... excavation, and was very blunt about things ahead of Monday's national championship match-up.


Asked about Clemson defensive lineman Christian Wilkins grabbing the groin area of an Ohio State player, Alabama's star left tackle said simply, "They better not try me like that. That's all I've got to say."

Fair enough.

Alabama and Clemson kick off at 8:00 p.m. on Monday, January 9 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa.