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Coaches Poll: These 4 Teams All Received At Least 1 First-Place Vote

The USA TODAY Amway Coaches' Poll preseason top 25 was released today.

As usual, the poll featured some surprises and, of course, a lot of fan bases are upset because they're either 1. ranked too low or 2. not ranked at all.

In the poll, which will come out every week of the season, four different teams received at least one first-place vote. That's not really a surprise. What is surprising, though, is the fourth team that received a first-place vote.

Here are the four teams that received first-place vote(s):

  • 1. Alabama - 55 first-place votes
  • 2. Clemson - 7 first-place votes
  • 4. Florida State - 1 first-place vote
  • 10. Tennessee - 1 first-place vote

Yes, the Volunteers somehow received a first-place vote, but, not, Tennessee coach Butch Jones was not one of the voters in the poll.

Many are high on Tennessee this season - they're the favorite to win the SEC East - but ranking them No. 1 in the preseason poll?

That's tough to defend.

Here's the full preseason top 25.

USA TODAY Coaches Poll Preseason Top 25