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Sports Analytics Professor's "FourCast" Reveals What Current College Football Playoff Rankings Would Be

University of North Florida sports analytics professor Jay Coleman has a formula that reveals what the College Football Playoff rankings would be today.

Next Tuesday, the first College Football Playoff rankings will be unveiled by the selection committee, reflecting the first nine weeks of games. However, we've all been speculating about the four teams that will be included in the field since Week 1.

Coleman has designed a formula, based on trends from the 2014 and 2015 seasons, that reveals what the Playoff rankings would look like, if they were out today.

From UNF:

The predictions below are based on strongly consistent patterns found in the CFP Selection Committee's weekly rankings during the 2014 and 2015 seasons. If the current CFP selection committee follows these same patterns during 2016, the ranking shown below should closely match the actual CFP ranking. Obviously, there is no guarantee that the current committee will follow a similar protocol.

While the committee only ranks the top 25 each week, Coleman's rankings go all the way from No. 1 to 128 (sorry, Buffalo).

The top 25:

25. Navy (5-1)
24. Washington State (5-2)
23. Penn State (5-2)
22. Colorado (6-2)
21. LSU (5-2)
20. North Carolina (6-2)
19. Western Michigan (8-0)
18. Utah (7-1)
17. Oklahoma (5-2)
16. Tennessee (5-2)
15. Boise State (7-0)
14. Florida (5-1)
13. Auburn (5-2)
12. Florida State (5-2)
11. West Virginia (6-0)

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