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The Spun 2016 College Football Staff Picks: Week 2

The Spun staff makes its picks for College Football Week 2 games.

If last weekend didn't live up to the billing as "the greatest first weekend in college football history," it came pretty damn close. A number of games, including Notre Dame-Texas and LSU-Wisconsin were nail-biters, and even something like Alabama's rout of USC was interesting and taught us a lot about this two teams in 2016.

After a stellar Week 1, the second weekend of the season is a bit of a comedown. Following a weekend littered with exciting match-ups between big teams, there are only 11 games between Power Five opponents this weekend.

Still, dig in a bit, and there are some very intriguing games this weekend.

  • Penn State and Pitt renew a dormant in-state battle, and the Panthers are a solid favorite.
  • TCU and Arkansas look to rebound after both looked very shaky against lesser opponents in Week 1.
  • The heated Holy War between BYU and Utah takes place after last year's Bowl Season edition.
  • Boise State hosts a fun, if extremely enigmatic Wazzu squad.
  • Tennessee and Virginia Tech are set to play in front of the biggest crowd in history, and that game looks way more competitive that it did a week ago.

Sometimes, the weeks that look least promising in college football wind up being the craziest. Here is how our staff sees the games featuring Power Five and Top 25 teams shaking out for College Football Week 2.