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Cyrus Kouandjio Says God Told Him To Go To Alabama After Committing To Auburn

On Feb. 2, 2011 Cyrus Kouandjio announced to a nationally televised audience that he would be playing college football at Auburn. A few days later, the five-star offensive line prospect changed his mind and signed with Alabama. 

Why did that happen? The former Crimson Tide offensive tackle, selected by the Buffalo Bills in the 2014 NFL Draft, walked through that process in a recent Q&A. 

">June 13, 2014

From the interview:

“Well it was the last weekend before signing day and I had just come back from Auburn with my offer, and two days later I’m supposed to make my decision. I had no idea where I wanted to go. I was a young kid with cameras all in my face. I remember thinking ‘Hey, I think I’ll go to Auburn’, but I had no idea where I really wanted to go. I figured I’d just say that and pick up the pieces later on. And I decided before then that I’m not going to sign anything anyway until I’m sure. After that, we had a family meeting and my Dad said I needed to make a decision and sign one and let it go. It was that family meeting that we decided to do that, and that I was going to stick to that decision. Right as I was going to sleep, I saw something from my religious leader, from God, that told me, ‘Cyrus, you should go to Alabama’. I followed that and signed and it took me to two national championships. The other choice (Auburn) would have taken me to a different path.”

Nick Saban is already one of the country's best recruiters; having a higher power on his side is just unfair. 

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