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Danny Kanell On SEC's Tough Weekend: "The SEC Is Human"

Danny Kanell talking about the SEC on ESPN.


Danny Kanell is probably the loudest critic of the SEC at ESPN, and he was back at it again today.

With Ole Miss still left to play tonight, the SEC did not get off the best start in Week 1. Alabama may have scored the most impressive win of the week with its 52-6 demolition of USC. The rest of the league did not fare nearly as well.

  • SEC East favorite Tennessee struggled to beat Appalachian State 20-13
  • Auburn had national runner-up Clemson on the ropes, but puzzling quarterback rotations helped lead to a stagnant offensive performance in a 19-13 loss.
  • LSU was upset by Wisconsin at Lambeau Field 16-14, a game that ended in a nasty cheap shot by a Tiger lineman.
  • Mississippi State lost to South Alabama when a chip-shot field goal attempt went off an upright to end the game.
  • Arkansas needed a late comeback to beat Louisiana Tech.
  • Missouri was handled by West Virginia, 26-11.
  • Kentucky had maybe the worst loss of all, allowing Southern Miss to score 34 straight points for a 44-35 win. The Wildcats led 35-10 at halftime.

Outside of Alabama and Nick Chubb-led Georgia, it was hard to point to a 'good' performance out of an SEC program.

According to Danny Kanell, however, this is not unusual. He says that outside of Alabama, the SEC is not much different from the rest of the Power Five leagues.

Filling on on Mike & Mikethis morning, here's what he had to say:

"You said Alabama, head and shoulders above everybody else, you know, what a statement game. And then the rest of the conference had an average showing. That’s kind of what the conference has been. It’s been Alabama. They’ve carried the torch for this conference.

If you look at it over the last four or five years you could say ‘Look at all the different championships.' Auburn, the Cam Newton year was sort of a fluke for Auburn. They got hot and captured that lightning in a bottle with Cam Newton. Florida, with Tim Tebow, who was carrying that torch, was another one that was kind of an incredible player. But they’re not that much different than every other conference. They really aren’t.

Danny Kanell won't go as far as to say that the SEC isn't the best conference, but he doesn't believe the gap is large.

“They are the top conference in college football. They are. I think they’re extremely talented and they have a ton of guys in the NFL... But it’s not that far removed from everybody else. There’s always a conversation that the SEC is head and shoulders above everybody else. And the more people around here that say it, the more you all kind of go into this group think and everyone goes in line with it. All I’ve wanted to do is challenge that line of thinking and say ‘Hey, they’re not unbeatable.’ And I think we saw that this weekend.


I think it just showed that the SEC is human just like every other conference."

One weekend of games doesn't prove that a conference is great or overrated or anything, but based on week one, it is hard to argue with this. It will be very interesting to see whether another SEC team can join Alabama in that upper echelon, or if the Crimson Tide will be carrying the weight all year for the league. Ole Miss can go a long way towards proving the SEC's supremacy tonight when it faces ACC power Florida State.