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ESPN Analyst David Pollack Revisits 'Alabama Is Done' Remark

David Pollack gets surprised live on ESPN.

David Pollack on air for ESPN.

It appears ESPN analyst David Pollack sold his stock in Alabama way too soon. Back in October, he said the Crimson Tide's national title hopes were gone once Jaylen Waddle went down with a season-ending injury.

“I think it’s over for Alabama,” Pollack said. “If you’re just talking about winning a national title, I don’t think they can win one without Jaylen Waddle.”

Earlier this week, Pollack revisited his past comments about the Crimson Tide. The former Georgia Bulldog admit that he may have prematurely dismissed Nick Saban's squad, but he didn't exactly apologize to the fans in Tuscaloosa.

"This quote is not looking good," Pollack said on the 'CFP Podcast with Herbie, Pollack & Negandhi.' "But they ain’t won nothing yet.”

Pollack did have some positive things to say about Alabama's offense, which has been so dynamic with Mac Jones under center.

“Mac Jones, it’s just ridiculous, it’s insane to watch him, he’s on point, he’s ridiculous, his pocket presence is ridiculous,” Pollack said, via Saturday Down South. “He had some good moments a year ago, but not like this. And by the way, we’ve talked about this on the pod so I’m not going to belabor the point, it’s a completely different offense, it’s not the same offense it was a year ago, at all. The way they’ve morphed this offense and the way it’s become play action, the way they take shots and the way they stack receivers and continue to evolve offensively, it’s a thing of beauty.”

Next up for Alabama is a showdown with Auburn. Saban won't be on the sidelines for that game since he recently tested positive for COVID-19.

As long as the Crimson Tide continue their winnings ways, they'll make it back to the College Football Playoff. Then we'll see if Pollack's comments about Alabama being unable to win a national title without Waddle come to fruition.

For now though, Alabama looks as strong as any team in the country.