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ESPN Ranks Alabama As The No. 1 Job In College Football

When it comes to meaningless, subjective college football rankings, few are funner to compile/debate than "best jobs." 

We've done it before, back in the fall. Our list had Ohio State at No. 1, Texas at No. 2 and Florida at No. 3. You can view the full rankings here

ESPN released their rankings today. 

The No. 1 job in college football, per ESPN: Alabama.

It's tough to argue against that right now, with the Crimson Tide coming off another national championship season. Nick Saban has elevated the Alabama program - both on the field and off of it (facilities, recruiting, etc) - to a level we haven't seen in the 21st century. 

The rest of the top-five: 2. Ohio State 3. Texas 4. USC 5. Florida State. 

You can view ESPN's full rankings here