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ESPN's Will Cain Says Rams Should "Focus" On Nick Saban

ESPN's Will Cain thinks the Los Angeles Rams should look to the SEC to fill their head coaching vacancy.

After the Rams fired Jeff Fisher yesterday, speculation immediately began as to who would fill the position. When it came to collegiate options, many people suggest Michigan's Jim Harbaugh.

It is unlikely Harbaugh would leave Michigan, but one ESPN personality wants the Rams to aim even higher on the NCAA head coaching hierarchy. While hosting His & Hers with Kate Fagan today, Will Cain said L.A. should focus its attention on Alabama's Nick Saban.

Here's a portion of Cain's argument.

"Nick Saban has secured a legacy as the greatest college football coach of all time. He's got that in his pocket. That isn't going anywhere. But I think deep down Nick Saban would like to be in the conversation of best football coach of all-time — no college qualifier. His buddy Bill Belichick has that. But if Saban can do what he did in college--he’s got this little stain on his record because of what happened with the Dolphins--and come back to rebuild the Rams? Now he’s in that conversation with Bill Belichick.”

Saban, of course, went 15-17 in two seasons with the Dolphins in 2005 and 2006. As a college head coach, he has an overall record of 204-60-1 and has won five national championships.

Now, Nick Saban NFL speculation is nothing new. There were rumors that Saban wanted the New York Giants' coaching job last year, but the odds of him leaving Tuscaloosa for SoCal seem outrageously slim.

Guess it couldn't hurt the Rams to try though, right?