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Ex-Alabama All-American Cautions Young Tide Players About Interacting With "Click-Bait" Writers

Yesterday, multiple Alabama players

These young #Bama players will come to learn that responding to click bait writers on Twitter is exactly what those writers were hoping for

— Mike Johnson (@MPJohnson79) June 21, 2016

21, 2016</a></blockquote> <script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>" target="_blank">took to Twitter to bash Fox Sports' Clay Travis after he wrote a negative column about two Crimson Tide players who had multiple charges against them dropped. Travis ultimately responded to 'Bama quarterback Blake Barnett after he engaged him in conversation, and the two exchanged a few messages.  While things didn't get out of line, one ex-Alabama star doesn't want to see any Tide players interacting with what he deems "click-bait" writers.Former 'Bama All-American offensive lineman Mike Johnson, a member of the Tide's 2009 national championship team, had this Twitter advice for current Alabama players today. 

">June 21, 2016

Crimson Tide fans will surely enjoy Johnson referring to Travis as "click-bait." Regardless of what he is or isn't, it's probably a good idea for players to refrain from getting into debates with any media.