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Fans Who Bet On Alabama vs. Florida Atlantic Won't See Action After Game Is Called

The guys out in Las Vegas who set odds for sporting events are generally very, very good at their jobs. A good portion of the time, fans who bet on a given spread have to sweat it out down to the final few possessions of a game. Things were looking that way for anyone who put a wager down on the Alabama vs. Florida Atlantic game Saturday afternoon. 

The Tide led the Owls 41-0, and were facing a 4th-and-4 on FAU's 4-yard-line with just under eight minutes to play in the contest, when lightning in the area forced the game to be suspended, and then called. As David Portnoy at Barstool Sports notes, the spread for the games was set between 40 and 42 at most casinos.

">September 6, 2014

As Portnoy also notes, that means that there will be no action on the game, since it's impossible to tell what would have happened, had the game continued.

">September 6, 2014

It's a strange scenario, for sure. Anyone who bet the Alabama over is probably just a tad bit upset.

It's been a strange season thus far in the SEC, weather wise. Florida's game against Idaho last week was flat out cancelled after a storm made the field unplayable. The situation in Tuscaloosa isn't as consequential for either of the actual teams, but it will bother some gamblers.