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Former Alabama Quarterback Greg McElroy: Nick Saban Yells After Wins, Not Losses

For as much attention as Nick Saban and Alabama gets, as outside fans, we don't know that much about the specifics of his coaching style.

We hear little things here and there from current and former players, but he's not very open with how he gets it done at Alabama. 

Greg McElroy, who spent much of last week working SEC Media Days for ESPN, was asked about how much of a yeller Saban was. McElroy's answer is very interesting:

“To tell you the truth, he never yells after a loss, in my experience,” McElroy said. “He never yelled one time after a loss. But he does yell after a win, because he doesn’t want that complacency to set in."

If anything, this speaks well of Alabama. Saban knows that he doesn't need to worry about his players after losses, not that those come all that often. McElroy only lost 11 games under Saban in four years, and six of those came in Saban's first year at Alabama.