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Former Alabama Star Alphonse Taylor "Probably Hates" Clemson, Ohio State More Than Auburn

Former Alabama offensive lineman Alphonse Taylor posted an eye-opening tweet last week.

Most college football fans just assume that the players on their favorite team hate their traditional rival more than any other school. But that may not always be the case - especially now that we're in the College Football Playoff era.

Former Alabama offensive lineman Alphonse Taylor, in a tweet posted last week, said that he "probably" hates two schools more than in-state rival Auburn. Those schools? Clemson and Ohio State - two teams the Tide lost to in College Football Playoff games in the past three seasons.

It's unclear whether Taylor's teammates would agree with him - but either way, it's interesting to read. Perhaps the hate kicks up a few notches when the stakes get a little bit higher in January.