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Former Alabama Star Jesse Williams Posts Photo Of His Super Bowl Ring And His BCS Title Ring

Thursday, the Seattle Seahawks unveiled their extremely flashy Super Bowl rings, which contain 12 gemstones and 183 diamonds each. For some, it was the first championship of their football careers. For others, it was just another piece of hardware. Jesse Williams, former Alabama star defensive tackle who was part of two BCS championship teams, was forced to sit out his entire rookie season due to a knee injury. But he was still part of the team, and therefore received a ring for his contributions. 

Friday morning, he posted a photo of one of his Alabama title rings next to his new Seahawks bling. It's quite the combination.

In fact, the Alabama ring is actually bigger and arguably more impressive looking.

It remains to be seen whether Williams will have much of an NFL career. If not, he's still already got something that most players chase for years.