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Golden Nugget Releases Betting Lines On Over 200 College Football Games, Including Alabama vs. Auburn

The 2014 college football season is just over two months away, which means Las Vegas is starting to get its act together on the betting front. We've already showed you a number of different ways that you can make (or lose) some money this year, including win totals and College Football Playoff odds. This time around, via Golden Nugget, we've got betting lines on over 200 of the best games of the year. Marcus DiNitto of The Linesmakers on Sporting News posted the info to his Scribd account.

Some notable lines:

Florida State (-17) vs. Oklahoma State (in Arlington)
LSU (-7) vs. Wisconsin (in Houston)
Oregon (-13) vs. Michigan State (in Eugene)
Ohio State (-8) vs. Michigan (in Columbus)
Alabama (-6) vs. Auburn (in Tuscaloosa)

Here are the rest of the lines:

Golden Nugget - 2014 college football games of the year by Marcus DiNitto

Which spreads are you the most surprised about? Let us know - or find a way to place a bet...