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Greg McElroy, Danny Kanell Got Into A Twitter Debate About The SEC

Two former college quarterbacks got into a good old-fashioned Twitter debate today.

Ex-Alabama standout Greg McElroy and former Florida State star Danny Kanell got into a back-and-forth about, what else, the SEC. See, the two ESPN employees saw last night's Alabama-LSU defensive stalemate through very different lenses.

McElroy tweeted that in defense of the low-scoring Saturday night battle in Death Valley. He was complimentary of the two defenses in the game.

That's where Kanell--who has been known to throw water on the SEC's fire in the past--stepped in with a counterargument.

It appears Kanell's opinion also didn't go over well with ESPNers Mike Golic and Booger McFarland.

But we digress. Anyway, here is McElroy's response to Kanell.

The debate seemed to be dying down at this point, but each side got some more salvos in.

And that is where it left off. Who do you think won this debate?

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