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Greg McElroy Praises Simplicity Of Auburn's Offense, Explains How He Thinks Nick Saban Will Prepare This Year

When Auburn faced Alabama last season, the Tigers' offense shredded the Crimson Tide defense for 296 rushing yards en route to a 34-28 Auburn victory. It was the most rushing yards allowed by Alabama in 2013, and helped cement Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn's reputation as one of the best offensive minds in America. 

In a radio interview yesterday, former Bama QB and current SEC Network analyst Greg McElroy explained why he thinks it's so hard for Alabama head coach Nick Saban to stop Malzahn's offense, saying that Saban likes to dictate the tempo of a game with his defense, and that when he faces Auburn, "the offense is playing so fast that it keeps the defense on their heels, it does make it difficult to dictate."

McElroy also praised how simple Auburn's offense is, saying it's very easy to overanalyze, but for most part, Auburn does the same thing every week.

"The looks and things change from week to week but they're not necessarily doing different schemes, different plays," McElroy said. "You can often almost overanalyze it. Watching the film, it's like: They just ran that; it was just a little bit different formation. They just ran the exact same play four times out of the last seven. It's amazing to see him being able to do that. Once he finds something that works against a defense, he definitely exploits it and credit to him for being able to do that."

As for when the two teams meet up this year, McElroy thinks Saban will try to simplify things on defense so that he can be better prepared. Alabama will host Auburn this year on Saturday, November 29, in both teams' regular season finale.