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Harvey Updyke Could Be Headed To Jail Because He's Only Paid $6,900 Of The $800,000 He Owes Auburn

Auburn's toomer corner.

AUBURN, AL - APRIL 20: People congregate at the corner of College and Magnolia Streets during the Auburn Oaks at Toomer's Corner Celebration on April 20, 2013 in Auburn, Alabama. (Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images)

Harvey Updyke, the infamous Alabama fan that poisoned landmark trees at Auburn University, has found himself in trouble once again. This dates all the way back to his actions in 2011.

Updyke is due in court for a hearing that will decide whether or not he faces time in jail.

The court ordered Updyke to pay $800,000 in restitution fees, but he reportedly has only paid $6,900. It's pretty apparent that he's nowhere close to paying off his debt.

A Lee County judge has scheduled this hearing for this Wednesday, per WSFA 12 News.

Lee County District Attorney Brandon Hughes made it clear that he's kept his eye on Updyke.

"Harvey Updyke has never left my radar. We have been keeping an eye on his payments or more specifically, his non-payment, and he has made exactly two payments for a total of $200 in the past year," Hughes told WRBL News 3 back in August. "Because of that, we have been looking for him for close to a year, and we finally found him."

Now that additional details have emerged, it's easy to see why Updyke could be facing jail time.

We'll find out soon enough how the court plans to punish Updyke for his lack of payments.