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Here's The College Football Playoff Scenario That Definitely Leaves Alabama Out

Kirk Herbstreit predicts the CFP.

Alabama still has a shot, unless this happens.

Alabama lost to Auburn in the Iron Bowl on Saturday night, and with an 11-1 record and no conference title, the Crimson Tide is one of the most interesting College Football Playoff hopefuls we've seen. No team that's lost its last game has ever been picked for the playoff. But no team looked more dominant up until Saturday than Alabama.

There is one scenario that leaves Alabama with very little hope. It's also a very possible scenario.

  1. Oklahoma beats TCU, finishes with a 12-1 record and a Big 12 title
  2. Clemson beats Miami, finishes with a 12-1 record and an ACC title
  3. Georgia beats Auburn, finishes with a 12-1 record and an SEC title
  4. Wisconsin beats Ohio State, finishes with a 13-0 record an a Big Ten title

Alabama might be in over some two-loss conference champions - maybe Ohio State, USC or TCU - but there's very little chance it gets in over a one-loss conference champ.

Alabama fans should root for chaos next Saturday. It's their best hope.