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Here's What Alabama Did With Its Runner-Up Trophy From 2017 Title Game

An Alabama coach slamming a trophy.

Alabama doesn't like second place trophies.

"If you're not first, you're last" - line first uttered in Talladega Nights, a film starring Will Ferrell.

Nick Saban and company have the same approach when it comes to college football. Alabama has won four national titles under Saban's tutelage, but lost in last year's title to Clemson.

So what did the Tide do with the runner-up trophy? (Did you even know the runner-up was given a trophy?)

Well, Alabama strength coach Scott Cochran just destroyed it. Literally.

Warning: this video contains profanity.

So now that you know a runner-up trophy exists, what would you have done with it? For a program that competes year-in and year-out for national titles, a second-place trophy probably doesn't belong in Alabama's trophy case.

Alabama will face Georgia for a shot at yet another championship on Monday, Jan. 8.