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Alabama Fan From Viral Video Still Hates Tennessee Nine Years Later

Nine years later and the viral video Irvin Carney shot in 2007 is still making its rounds on social media every time Alabama and Tennessee face off.

Alabama plays Tennessee this weekend, and for Irvin Carney, that's a special occasion. It's another yearly reminder of his hatred for Tennessee, and perhaps more importantly it's an annual reminder of the memorable interview he gave that ended up going viral, when the word "viral video" was still in its infancy.

Check it out:


"Man I hate Tennessee, because first of all it's Tennessee," he begins, eventually describing in detail how the Vols' stadium resembles a garbage truck and why their particular shade of orange repulses him.

That was in 2007.

This year, decided to catch up with him and get his thoughts on the video.


Carney told

"It was really random," Carney said. "It was so organic and I think that's why it caught on. We just started talking, talked for about 10 minutes before the camera came on. The guy interviewing me knew what I was going to say and I just kind of repeated what we had been talking about. Youtube wasn't really as big a thing then as it is now so I just recorded it and never really heard anything after that. Then a few months later somebody told me in class that he had seen it on a bunch of different websites. I was like, wow, I forgot about that.

Pretty cool, but surely after nearly a decade his hatred has settled down, right?

"Oh I still hate Tennessee for sure, especially that soft, pale orange. I want them to lose every game from here to the next century.

Okay, maybe not. Still, you have to respect his honesty and commitment to the cause.

The Crimson Tide take on the Volunteers this Saturday at 3:30 p.m. E.T. and the game is being broadcast on CBS. You can bet Carney will be watching.