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It Looks Like ESPN's 'College GameDay' Will Be Headed To 1 Of These 2 Games Week 1

Evander Holyfield on College GameDay.


ESPN's College GameDay has yet to announce where it's headed for Week 1 of the 2016 college football season, but it looks like the show has narrowed down the possibilities to two locations. 

The show's producer, Lee Fitting, posed the following question on Twitter this evening. 

He wants to know which game fans are more intrigued by: Alabama vs. USC in Dallas or LSU-Wisconsin at Lambeau Field? 

">@CollegeGameDay week 1?

— Lee Fitting (@leefitting)

CFB fans more interested in USC/Bama in Big D or LSU/Wiscy at Lambeau for @CollegeGameDay week 1?

— Lee Fitting (@leefitting) May 5, 2016

">May 5, 2016

We'll be pretty surprised if Alabama-USC at AT&T Stadium isn't the choice.

You've got the reigning national champions vs. a power program with a new head coach, plus the whole Lane Kiffin vs. his former team storyline. 

What's your pick?