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Watch: Jalen Hurts Nearly Drilled With Line Drive During Alabama Softball Game

jalen hurts dodges foul ball

If Alabama quarterback Jalen Hurts wants to win the starting quarterback job for next season, he's going to have to do a couple of things to beat out Tua Tagovailoa.

One of those things is stay healthy. Hurts has to make sure he doesn't get injured during the off-season.

He dodged a quick bullet tonight in an unexpected place: at an Alabama softball game.

While watching the Crimson Tide host Tennessee in softball, Hurts was hanging out down the left field line when a line drive came his way.

The rising junior ducked and scrambled out of the way to elude the close call. He was able to laugh the whole thing off.

Check it out:

When you play in the SEC, you gotta have those quick reflexes. Head has to be on a swivel.

Those skills came in handy tonight for Hurts.