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Jay Bilas Praises Nick Saban's Leadership: "If He Recruits Me, I'm Going"

Alabama head coach Nick Saban is arguably the most successful coach in college football over the past decade, so it's fairly safe to assume that the man is a natural leader. Saban's also been the game's greatest recruiter in that same time frame, as he's reeled in top recruiting class after top recruiting class. ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Bilas apparently understand why.

Bilas, tweeting after watching Saban give a seminar on leadership, basically claimed he'd sign up for whatever the Alabama head coach was selling. Coming from a man who was coached by Duke's Mike Krzyzewski, that's high praise.

">March 5, 2015

No, it's not a secret that Saban is one of the best motivators in sports. But it's cool to see Bilas so overcome with emotion that he felt the need to tell all of his followers.