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Update: Katherine Webb Will Be In Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue

More K-Webb.

Update: Webb will be in the swimsuit issue, after all. Sports Illustrated just tweeted out the following, along with a link to an interview she did with Jimmy Traina.

Earlier: In case you haven't had enough of Katherine Webb, there were some developments in her saga last night. Apparently Webb tweeted this to all her followers yesterday:

She then quickly removed the tweet, but the damage was done. Now speculation that she will be posing for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition is running rampant across the Internet. 

But before all you guys get your hopes up, thinks it's pretty unlikely that Katherine will be posing in a swimsuit for the magazine's special edition. According to them, the photos for that issue have already been shot, and the anticipated magazine is set to come out in early February.

So what's actually on tap for the now infamous Katherine Webb? Some people think she might just being doing a story about her sudden fame after the Brent Musburger incident. It doesn't look like she'll appear in the Swimsuit Edition, but be assured, there will be more drama to follow.