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Kenyan Drake: Every Alabama, Auburn Fan Cheers For Other's Team So They'll Be Undefeated When They Meet

When it comes to college football rivalries, the Alabama-Auburn one is close to--or at--the top of the list. 

One current Crimson Tide player believes that Alabama and Auburn fans root for their rival to win each game during the regular season. That way, when the two historic programs meet for the final game of the regular season, they'll both be undefeated. 

This statement is probably true for some Alabama and Auburn fans, though it's highly unlikely that it's true for all. There is a definite satisfaction in defeating a rival when they're undefeated, though there's also a lot of joy in seeing the team you dislike lose a lot of games. 

Alabama and Auburn fans, do you root for each other to win until you face in late November?