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Kirk Herbstreit Clarifies His Opinion On The Ohio State vs. Alabama Debate

A photo of Kirk Herbstreit on ESPN.

Kirk Herbstreit explained what he thinks will happen on Sunday afternoon.

Saturday night, after Clemson's blowout win over Miami, ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit talked the Ohio State vs. Alabama debate. Herbstreit said that he thought Alabama was the better team, but when the network flashed his picks along the bottom bar, he had Ohio State in at No. 4.

Sunday, he appears to have clarified his stance.

Herbstreit, joining Sunday NFL Countdown, told Sam Ponder & Co. that while he thinks Alabama deserves the No. 4 spot, he thinks it'll go to Ohio State in the end.

Via SEC Country:

“I can’t wait to see what the committee does with Ohio State and Alabama,” Herbstreit said.

“And I hope they get it right, Kirk,” Woodson, who was a Heisman Trophy winner at Michigan, chimed in.

“Here’s what’s interesting. What’s the right choice?” Herbstreit continued. “If it’s most deserving, you could make the case for Ohio State based on what’s on paper. Better team would be Alabama. So you have a dilemma for the committee. The whole goal, in my opinion, is to put the best four teams in this thing. And we’re going to find out if they’ll put the best four in, because you put two SEC teams in if you put Alabama in. Or do you put Ohio State in? They have three better wins than Alabama. They’re the Big Ten champ. Alabama didn’t even go to the SEC Championship.

“I think they’re going to put Ohio State in, but I think Alabama should go in ahead of them.”

ESPN's Mark Schlabach actually has the same exact take.

Truth be told, the committee is in an impossible situation. One fan base is going to revolt either way. We'll find out which way they go in just three hours.