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Report: Lane Kiffin Is Dealing With Another Controversy

Someone is upset with Lane Kiffin - shocking we, know.

FAU head coach Lane Kiffin is reportedly on bad terms with a prominent Florida high school.

According to FAU Owl Access, Miami-Booker T. Washington is unhappy with how Kiffin handled one of their players, and are now refusing to help him recruit any of their players.

From their report:

Miami-Booker T. Washington coach Tim “Ice” Harris told Kiffin during a phone call in early January that he wouldn’t discuss any other Tornadoes players until the Owls clarified what they planned to do with linebacker Isaac Readon.

As a result, Harris said, he hasn’t discussed any of his players with the new FAU regime since the coaching change.

Kiffin “was calling about another kid and then he said they hadn’t evaluated (Readon) yet and they didn’t know if they were going to get him or not,” Harris said.

A well-respected coach who’s won three state titles, including the high school national title at Booker T. Washington in 2013, Harris is currently in his third stint as the Tornadoes coach. He didn’t like Kiffin’s answer.

Not being able to recruit this high school well could be a major blow to Kiffin and FAU. Booker T. Washington has been the 22nd best high school program in the country at producing recruits, according to 247Sports.