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Lane Kiffin Is Lying About His Age In His Twitter Bio

Lane Kiffin is 41 years old.

We know this because in 2007, at 31, he was announced as the youngest coach in the history of the NFL when he got the Oakland Raiders job. Kiffin, born on May 9, has had 10 birthdays since then. So he's 41.

His Twitter bio says he's a different age, though.

For some reason, Kiffin claims to be born on May 9, 1980 - which would make him 36, not 41.

A picture of Lane Kiffin's Twitter profile.

It's possible Kiffin is just making an innocent mistake here and didn't even realize what he was doing (I'm not sure if I've seen another person put their birthdate in their Twitter bio) but would it be that surprising if he was purposely lying about his age in his Twitter bio?

Not really.