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Lane Kiffin Says He Had Conversations With Nick Saban About Joining Alabama Staff In 2007

Nick Saban will always be the headliner at Alabama media day, but this year Lane Kiffin has generated a fair amount of buzz as well, heading into his first season as Alabama offensive coordinator. 

Kiffin has bounced around the coaching world the last few years, moving from the Raiders to Tennessee to USC before landing at USC. 

Interestingly this wasn't the first time that a job at Alabama popped up on his radar.

">August 3, 2014

Instead, Kiffin wound up taking the Raiders job in 2007, setting him on a winding road as head coach, which included brief and controversial stays in Tennessee and USC. Had he joined Saban's staff in '07, it would be interesting to see how things would have gone differently for Kiffin.