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LeBron James Has Never Won A Title In A Year Which Alabama Did Not Win The National Championship

What is the connection between LeBron James and Alabama?

It is deeper than "both of them win a lot." In fact, it has more to do with the fact they win at the same time.

As previously discussed on Reddit, LeBron has never won an NBA title in a year when Alabama didn't win the college football national championship. Alabama won the title in 2009-10, the same year LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers lost to the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference semifinals. Since then, the two entities have only won in conjunction with each other.

Here's the breakdown:

2011-2012: Alabama wins title over LSU, LeBron and the Heat win title over Oklahoma City

2012-2013: Alabama wins title over Notre Dame, LeBron and the Heat win title over San Antonio

2013-2014: Alabama loses Sugar Bowl to Oklahoma, LeBron and the Heat lose Finals to San Antonio

2014-2015: Alabama loses College Football Playoff semifinal to Ohio State, LeBron and the Cavs lose Finals to Golden State

2015-2016: Alabama wins title over Clemson, LeBron and the Cavs win Finals over Golden State

2016-2017: Alabama loses title game to Clemson, LeBron TBD

Will the streak be snapped in 2017? Or is this trend bound to continue.

The 2017 NBA Finals start on Thursday, so we'll know soon.

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