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Look: Nick Saban Takes Hard Fall After Getting Run Into By Alabama Player

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Nick Saban would prefer his players hit the LSU Tigers instead of their head coach tonight. 

Saban took a hard fall in the first quarter when he was ran into by his own player, Kool-Aid McKinstry. 

McKinstry didn't seem to realize he took out his own head coach as he proceeded to run off to celebrate Alabama's defensive stand. 

Saban took a few moments to get to his feet, as seen in the now-viral video

"Nick Saban took a hard fall after Kool-Aid McKinstry ran into him on the sideline. He got right up like a champ though," said Touchdown Alabama. 

Kool-Aid McKinstry might be running a few extra laps in practice next week. Nick Saban can't let this slide (kidding, of course).

Saban is hoping his Alabama defense can hit the Tigers of LSU as hard as he did this Saturday night. 

Alabama vs. LSU is scoreless early in the second quarter. Catch the action on ESPN.