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Marco Rubio Jokingly Took A Jab At Auburn While Campaigning In Alabama Today

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio was on the campaign trail at Samford University in Birmingham today as he prepares for Super Tuesday. The Florida senator and alumnus used the opportunity to crack a joke about Auburn.

Our friends at were there and have the lowdown on what Rubio had to say about the Tigers. 

"Tuesday's an important day and thank you for greeting me despite the fact I am a Florida Gator." He then followed this statement saying "We all want to beat Auburn that's good, right?"

After a mixed response from the crowd Rubio quipped "Oh, there's Auburn here? See I learned a long time ago not to get involved in that fight."

Careful Marco. You don't want to alienate a significant portion of the state before they've hit the polls.

You can watch the video in its entirety here