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Mark Ingram Finally Addresses The Viral Derrick Henry Photo

Mark Ingram and Derrick Henry at the national title game.

At 6-foot-4, former Alabama running back Derrick Henry is one of the largest running backs the college or pro ranks have ever seen. Fellow running back and Heisman winner Mark Ingram is a respectable 5-foot-10, but you probably wouldn't have guessed that if you ever saw the viral photo of the two taken at the 2016 national championship game.

In that photo, Henry absolutely towers over Ingram, making the 2009 Heisman winner look a foot shorter.

After several years of looking at that photo and being asked about it, Ingram has finally broken his silence.

Appearing on CBS today, Ingram laughed about the photo and called it "weak." He complained that the camera puts Ingram closer to the lens, making him look much bigger.

Ingram then revealed that safety Landon Collins told him what had happened once he got to the sidelines.

Via Saturday Down South:

“Man, that was weak, that picture,” Ingram said laughing. “Obviously, 6-4 with cleats on and a helmet (Henry), and I’m 5-10. You put him closer to the camera. You put me further from the camera.

“The coin toss is in there; so, I’m looking in there, but it looks like I’m looking at him (Henry) sideways. The whole thing was just a setup. … I remember getting back to the sidelines, Landon Collins said, ‘They got you, bro.’

Ingram concluded by calling out whoever took the photo, saying he's got "some business" with them.

“Whoever took that screen shot of the TV, come see me. I got some business with you.”

The two Alabama Heisman Trophy winners were teammates at the 2020 Pro Bowl this past week.