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New York Post Has Nick Saban On Front Page, Wants Him To Coach Jets

Nick Saban upset at a press conference.


At the conclusion of seemingly every college football season, there are rumors regarding whether Alabama head coach Nick Saban would leave Tuscaloosa to rebuild another program. Last year, it was all about the then-vacant Texas Longhorns job. This year, at least right now, it's actually a step up in competition - the NFL's New York Jets.

The New York Post has decided to run with Saban on its front page Tuesday morning. The publication wants the franchise to "Pick Nick" after former head coach Rex Ryan was let go Monday.

">December 30, 2014

Would Saban leave Alabama for New York? It's hard to see it happening - he's said on numerous occasions that he wants to finish his career in Tuscaloosa. But that's not going to stop the tabloids from contemplating the possibilities.