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This Nick Saban Quote About Race Relations Was Made Up By An ESPN Reporter As A Joke

Some internet jokes are better left unsaid.

Alabama head coach Nick Saban is known as a man fully devoted to football. Sometimes that single-mindedness can be funny, like this weekend when he said he didn't care about the solar eclipse that happened today.

However, one ESPN reporter took the Saban jokes a bit too far. Mike Wise of The Undefeated tweeted a made-up Saban quote about race relations and how he hasn't been watching the news.

Wise has deleted the tweet, but here is a screenshot of it.

Mike Wise's fake tweet about Nick Saban.

Wise had two subsequent tweets, which seemed to better indicate he was being sarcastic.

The screenshot of those was captured by college football writer Kevin McGuire.

Again, that second tweet on the troops is pretty obviously a joke, but the issue for Wise is plenty of media and fans got a hold of the first tweet. They took it to be legit, and many criticized Saban for appearing ignorant. Wise was in the wrong here, but to be fair to him, he owned his mistake and issued an apology.

">August 22, 2017

The lesson is, as always: Never tweet.