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Watch: Paul Finebaum Believes Nick Saban Will Return To The NFL For The "Right Opportunity"

Paul Finebaum discusses Nick Saban's future on Sportscenter.


Every off-season, we take time to ponder if Nick Saban will leave Alabama for a second shot at the NFL. ESPN/SEC Network analyst Paul Finebaum believes that some day, it will happen.

Finebaum appeared on SportsCenter to discuss the potential of Saban heading to the pros in the future. Obviously, nothing is in the works right now as far as anyone knows, but it doesn't mean it will never happen.

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From Finebaum:

"I think Saban, at some point, will just get bored with all this. Had he won last year, that would've been six national championships, five in eight years, and everyone loves to win, everyone loves to be successful, but Nick Saban has been at Alabama for 10 years now, I'm wondering why he hasn't left previously.

I think he's waiting for the right opportunity, where someone says 'Okay coach, we have a quarterback, you have a piece of the franchise, you're making $8 or $9 million now, but you'll be making so much money you'll never have to give money a second thought.'"

Finebaum also cites Saban's recent national title loss, and the chance that he won't mesh with new Alabama athletic director Greg Byrne as potential factors.

Right now, it is all prognostication, but for someone as competitive as Saban, I can certainly see him giving the NFL another shot at some point, though leaving his current situation at Alabama behind would be very difficult. Finebaum is probably right that it would take a perfect situation to pry him away.