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Nick Saban On Auburn: "If They Win The SEC Championship Game, They Deserve To Play In The National Championship Game

Is he right?
Nick Saban upset at a press conference.


The Southeastern Conference has claimed the past seven BCS national titles. But in all probability, unless either Duke is able to knock off Florida State or Michigan State can defeat Ohio State, that streak is going to come to an end this season. Earlier this week, we saw Auburn AD Jay Jacobs lobbying for his Tigers, who are currently ranked third in the BCS standings, to play for the national title, should they win the SEC title. Alabama coach Nick Saban, not surprisingly, agrees. Check out what he said on ESPN's College GameDay this morning.

While Alabama fans may not like hearing Saban talk up their biggest rival, he does have a point. The Tigers have easily the most notable victory of any team in the BCS and play in the nation's hardest conference. But as we're all well-aware, being undefeated matters, and unless there are less than two teams with zero losses at the end of the season, the SEC's reign will be over.