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Nick Saban On Life As A Grandpa, Will His Granddaughter Have Access To His Little Debbie's Jar?

There aren't many things Nick Saban loves more than Little Debbie's Snack Cakes. The Alabama coach eats two oatmeal cream pies for breakfast every morning, after all.

The adoration the 62-year-old has for his recently born granddaughter tops the lust he has for the tasty desert, though. Saban's granddaughter, born last December, will have access to the coach's stash. 

"There's nobody that passes the cookie jar without grabbing one," Saban said. 

Saban was his usual stoic self while speaking Thursday afternoon at SEC Media Days, with one exception: discussing life as a grandpa. 

Saban, responding to a question from a reporter, “How is life as a grandfather and when she gets older, will she have access to your Little Debbies?”

“I’ve only made a few mistakes as far as being a grandfather to this point,” he said, cracking a smile. “She pees and somebody runs to pick her up and I say, ‘She’ll be fine, let her cry.’ That was a mistake.’”