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Nick Saban Reveals What Other Programs Are Using Against Him In Recruiting

Nick Saban upset with reporters at a press conference.

2016 will bring just another challenging schedule for Coach Saban and his team to navigate.

Alabama is the premiere recruiting power in the country, pulling in more blue chip recruits than anybody else year in and year out. No other college football program can touch what the Crimson Tide accomplish on the recruiting trail, but they're trying to close the gap. 

In an interview with ESPN's Chris Low, Saban, who turns 65 in October, revealed that programs are now using his age against him on the recruiting trail. 

"I'm not looking to get out. I'm really not, even though I know that's going to start being talked about more now," said Saban, who's entering his 10th season at Alabama. "What I have noticed is that it's the first time people are starting to say to recruits, 'He won't be there the whole time you're there,' because of my age. Does that really impact your ability to stay good? I don't know. But if it did, it would make you say, 'Well, what's up with this?' My philosophy is that I'm going to be here for as long as I feel like I can be effective, impact the players, help them be more successful in life and continue to have a successful program."

Alabama has reeled in the no. 1 recruiting class in the nation in each of the last six years according to 247 Sports and doesn't appear to be slowing down. So if other programs can gain any kind of leverage they're going to take it.