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Nick Saban Thinks Georgia Is The Best Job In The SEC

Nick Saban has a great thing going at Alabama. Not every coach can win enough to satiate the rabid Crimson Tide fan base, but Saban has, and he pulls in the top recruiting class to Tuscaloosa pretty much every year. The Alabama job is a challenge, but it is unquestionably one of the best in the sport. But is it the best job in the SEC? According to Saban, no, or at least, it shouldn't be. 

In an article by CBS Sports' Dennis Dodd about Kirby Smart's first few months at Georgia, Saban has a very telling quote about the stature and potential of Georgia.

“You never know how people do, but I think he'll do fine,” Saban said of Smart's future at UGA. “Personally, Georgia, if it's not the best job in the conference, it certainly should be.”

No pressure there.

Saban isn't alone. Sports Illustrated's Andy Staples agrees. Georgia is the only powerhouse program in one of the most talent-rich states in the union, in the (currently) more winnable division of college football's best, and most attractive, conference, and while Mark Richt was pushed out after a very successful tenure, Georgia seems to be at least a bit more realistic about its lot in life than other SEC programs.

The move from Richt to Smart, and all of the changes Smart has made to make his program a bit more Saban-esque, may change that last bit. Either way, Georgia is definitely in the conversation.

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