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Nick Saban Wants Alabama Fans To Stay For Entire Games Or Not Come At All

He's not happy.

Update: Here is video of Saban's press conference via -- he begins talking about the attendance problem around the 1:55 mark:

Video streaming by Ustream

Earlier: Alabama has been having a football attendance problem all season, as crazy as that sounds. The program that currently wins more than any other in college football can get fans to show up to games, but has a hard time keeping those fans in their seats for four quarters, particularly the students.

Earlier this season, Alabama started a "Play For Four, Stay For Four" campaign, and even placed signs on the stadium seats to remind people not to leave early. Apparently that message wasn't sent strongly enough, and now Nick Saban is making himself heard loud and clear: he wants fans to show up and stay for the whole game, or not come at all:

Saban also pointed out that there are plenty of fans who would absolutely love to attend a full Alabama game, and those are the people who should be in the stands.