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Nick Saban Would Only Cheat On His Wife With Hillary Rodham Clinton

Alabama head coach Nick Saban is happily married to Miss Terry, but if he planned on cheating on her, it'd only be with Hillary Rodham Clinton. You read that right.

Forbes author Monte Burke has released a biography titled "Saban: The Making Of A Coach", and surprisingly, it's been revealed that the Crimson Tide head coach has given some sex tips to his players. Apparently, he warns his team not to sleep with anyone who has "less to lose" than they do. He used himself as an example, and told his players that he'd only cheat on his wife with Hillary Rodham Clinton. 

The actual quote is a bit NSFW. Via Ben Cohen of The Wall Street Journal:

">July 27, 2015

No, we don't think that Saban actually has a thing for the Democratic presidential candidate. But it's a hilarious quote nonetheless.