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Louisiana High School Coach Fired After Saying Alabama Was Banned From His School

David Feaster has been fired as head football coach at Louisiana's Parkway High School after saying that Alabama was not allowed at his school to recruit Panthers players.

The Shreveport Times reports that Feaster has been relieved of his duties after the statement about Alabama football.

School officials felt Feaster was "not the spokesperson of Parkway High School."


The current Parkway administration didn’t take kindly to the attention and felt Fester was “undermining” school officials and potentially hurting other Panthers athletes who could be recruited by Alabama.

The incident was the “third or fourth” for Feaster and ultimately his undoing.

His Alabama ban was spurred on by the recruitment of quarterback Brandon Harris, who ultimately wound up at LSU. It was not the only controversy involving Feaster. In 2014, the team forfeited five games for playing ineligible quarterback Justin Rogers, causing the program to miss the playoffs for the first time in a decade.

Some of Parkway's current and former players have expressed disappointment in the decision via Twitter.

Feaster did say that his players were free to commit to Alabama, but clearly the Parkway administration didn't take kindly to its football coach having a standoffish relationship with one of the area's top college football powers.

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