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Paul Finebaum Asks The Unthinkable About Tua Tagovailoa

Paul Finebaum explains why Clemson will lose on First Take. He believes Big Ten football teams will compete for the College Football Playoff in 2017.


Paul Finebaum is known for stirring the pot every now and then. He's not afraid to ruffle the feathers of SEC fans.

Alabama fans might have a bone to pick with the ESPN radio host after he questioned their starting quarterback on the air today. It happened right at the beginning of Finebaum's show.

While riffing about different SEC topics, Finebaum touched on Tua Tagovailoa and asked if he's "really that good," good enough for NFL teams to want to "tank" for him.

"What about 'Tanking for Tua?' Is that a good idea? Not really," Finebaum said. "I'm going to whisper this, so no one can hear. Is Tua really that good?"

Now, Tua did struggle in two late-season games against Georgia and Clemson, but he also was excellent against Auburn and Oklahoma during that time frame. For the season, the sophomore sidearm tossed 43 touchdowns against only six interceptions.

Do we know how Tagovailoa will be in the NFL? No, of course not. He's still a year away from being there.

But Finebaum is stretching things a little bit here. He probably wanted to do that though in the first place.