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Photo: A Bitter Alabama Fan Didn't Give His Auburn-Supporting Waiter A Tip Following The Tough Loss


At what point can a person go too far when supporting their favorite team? Is it before or after they deliberately disrespect a fan of another team who is doing them a service?

After the big Auburn-Alabama finish this past Saturday, one Tigers fan was extremely proud of his team, and just wanted to share that pride with the world. Unfortunately, he was a waiter, and the Alabama fan he was serving that night didn't appreciate hearing about Auburn one bit.

So instead of throwing a few extra bucks to show some gratitude for the service, the Alabama fan gave the waiter a different type of tip -- of course followed by a "Roll Tide." Take a look: 

In all seriousness, even losing one of the biggest games of the year does not justify not tipping your waiter. At least the server was able to look at the bright side and took a picture of the bill that would later go viral. Plus, he was probably still pretty happy with the win.

If I knew that my team losing meant I didn't have to tip waiters, I would have been a UConn fan this year. 

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