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Photo: A Crazy Alabama Fan Sent Texas A&M A Hand-Written Letter Claiming "You Will Not Ever Beat Us Again"


Alabama's Facebook page may have over 500,000 likes, but that doesn't mean some of its fan base doesn't still kick it old school. One Tide supporter apparently decided that direct mail was the easiest way to trash talk Texas A&M. Check out this hand-written letter he/she wrote, addressed to the "Texas A&M Football Team". Rusty Burson, Editor at 12th Man Magazine, tweeted it out:

Clearly, the letter was written before the big showdown two Saturdays ago in which the Tide prevailed, 49-42 - so yeah, weird timing. And while he may be right about the Aggies' defense, it's obviously a bit of a stretch to claim that Texas A&M will never defeat Alabama again. Then again, it's also a bit of a stretch to take the time to write a letter like this and put it in the mailbox.